The Year Dot

The Year Dot poster

A heartwarming short film about loneliness and isolation... Dot is planning an end-of-life party. When lockdown begins and her plans are postponed, her family sends teddies to comfort her. The teddies gradually come to life, if only in Dot’s mind.

I wrote, directed and produced this short film which is in post-production. You can access our fundraising campaign here.

Local Girl

Local Girl is the first short film I made having directed, produced, edited and written the script as well as casting and finding a crew. I worked with an amazing DOP who had a flare for lighting and we wanted to make the whole thing look very moody to increase suspense, the film builds up to a significant twist at the end. As it was only a 10 minute film I really wanted to make something which shocked the viewers.


Homeless By The Sea

In early 2017, I noticed a significant increase in homeless people which spurred me to make my first passion-project. I directed, produced and edited this piece, although I had a brilliant crew who helped along the way.
My hope is that this project helps people to understand those unfortunate enough not to have a roof over their heads.

Young Start-Up Talent

My most recent television show is Young Start-up Talent, a programme I edited for Latest TV Brighton. Each year budding entrepreneurs across Brighton and Hove are entering Start-up Talent with their passionate business ideas. This programme follows these entrepreneurs in a Dragon's Den-style format. This is the first part of the first episode please go to my channel to find out who wins!

The Music of My Accomplice

A program showcasing the music from the soundtrack of the local indie film, My Accomplice. This is the first part, the second and third parts can be found on my YouTube channel.

On The Verge

On The Verge is a fun music TV program showcasing up-and-coming talent, original music videos and everything Brighton. It began in March 2015 and started its 2nd season in January 2016. Throughout the shows we have seen some amazing Brighton talent including rock bands Sweet Jonny and Dirty Weekend In Brighton, rap stars Rum Committee and fun pop acts Mirika and Kitten And The Hip.

Click here to check out the latest On The Verge episodes.

The Music of Barry Mills

The Music Of Barry Mills is a classical music show composed entirely by the amazing Barry Mills. Local classical artists perform his pieces at Brighton and Hove High School, covering everything from violin and piano solos to saxophone and percussion. If you’re a fan of classical music you should check this show out.

Let's Talk About Mental Health

I co-produced, directed and edited this short documentary about mental health. It is a subject that matters a lot to me and I was very aware that I needed to make it serious whilst also positive about the future of openly discussing mental health. I also organised the flash mob as both a way to create awareness on the day and also a positive interlude for the documentary.

Churchill Square Lock-in

I directed this short promotional video for Churchill Square as part of UNITV at Sussex University. Churchill Square lock-in happens every year so that students can get get good deals on equipment for university.


Chrysanthe Grech

This is my first showreel I made for my actress friend Chrysanthe Grech. I tried to show off her best work first and tie it together with a track from a music video she appeared in. I am happy to produce showreels for people swiftly and at a reasonable price. Please contact me for details.

Music Videos

Red Terror – Whitehawk

The local punk-rock band ‘Red Terror’ commissioned me to create their first music video to the track ‘Whitehawk’. I produced, directed and edited this video. The snow was a happy accident but I feel it really gives an extra depth to the video.

Three Moons

This is the first video I ever made, I was almost a one-woman-crew! I hired the three actresses and a cameraman and we went out to Stamner Park to film it. The video was for Metaphysical Apostle who is a musician/composer. He wanted the video to reflect the lyrics and to look like a short film, so I developed an idea based around the three mythological goddesses he speaks about; Birth, Life and Death.

Promotional Videos

Betty Lou's Gin Club

This is one of my promotional videos for Betty Lou's Gin Club, a great 1920s night at Stanmer House, there's even a little cameo from myself as I was also performing at the event! I can make promo videos swiftly and at a reasonable price, please contact me for details.


The Princess and the Horse

This is a radio drama I created in my second year at university. I came up with the story based on a tale my mother made up when I was younger. Unfortunatly I have lost the final copy but the rough draft gives you an idea of my storytelling capabilities.

Jay's Interview

This was an interview I did in my first year at University, focusing on graffiti artists in Brighton. Jay Olssen is an up-and-coming local artist who has created pieces all over Brighton, including New England House.

Music Production

Not Dead

I produced this song and wrote both the verse that I sing and the chorus. Ideally I wanted it to be a song for someone else as I am a terrible rapper!


I wrote the lyrics for Stardust while I was travelling and missing someone who was on the other side of the world. The idea behind the lyrics is that we are all connected no matter how far apart we are.

We Are One

I produced this track at the begining of Dubstep getting into the mainsteam. The words are taken from a book called Sophie's World. This was my first attempt at creating music!

Don't Stop

I produced and wrote this track as well as performing the vocals. The song is about moving forward and succeeding in what you want from life even when the odds are against you.